The Graham Anderson Show 2.24.11 Part Deux

Today marks an end of an era in Jazz and Nuggets basketball. contributor, KSL Sports employee, and die-hard Nuggets fan, Jake Welch joins the show to talk about what if feels like to lose a future hall of famer.  Stay faithful Jazz fans!  We have great years ahead!

The Graham Anderson Show 2.24.11

Huge shout-out to Utah native Philo T. Farnsworth for inventing the television.  Former NBC Page, current Daily Show Production Assistant, and TV connoisseur/expert, Dan Brown (please refrain from making ridiculous remarks about “The DaVinci Code”), stops by to talk about the absolute must-see TV currently on broadcast and cable.


The Graham Anderson Show 2.17.11

I really needed to get a few big topics off my chest so I went with a solo show…The Company Men, Friday Night Lights, The Bachelor, Carmelo Anthony, Tom Brady’s hair, Miami Heat, and Lance Armstrong just to name a few…Enjoy!