The Graham Anderson Show 8.26.11

Tiger Woods should be on the U.S. Presidents Cup team and anyone that says otherwise is talking crazy.  Michael Vick is going to struggle on and off this year.  Arian Foster will see a 25-30% decline in production.  Terrelle Pryor will never be the starting quarterback of an NFL team.  Tim Tebow may not be the Broncos quarterback right now, but they at least need to get him on the field to impact the game.  The NCAA needs to clean up this mess and they need to do it fast.  The NBA owners and players association need to lock themselves in a room for two weeks and sort out their differences before we start missing games after having maybe the most successful season in the history of the sport.  ….man, I needed to get all of that off of my chest…enjoy the show!

The Graham Anderson Show 8.18.11

How badly do you want to win your fantasy football league?  I think we all would basically do anything to get that leg up on our friends and co-workers.  There is something unbelievably satisfying about feeling like you “know” and “understand” football better than someone you see on a regular basis.  I won my one and only fantasy football title 10 years ago this year.  I still feel like that championship validates me as a sports fan…and a man.  Anthony Dinwoodey Morris, maybe one of the greatest fantasy players of all time, shares with us all of his secrets to success….well….almost all of them.

The Graham Anderson Show 8.11.11

How did I not know that Bronco Mendenhall used to rock a ponytail before he coached at BYU?  Football season is fast upon us, and for those of you that live in Utah, that means hatred, malice, and irrational fandom is swirling at an all-time high.  BYU and Utah are both coming into the season looking at a completely new landscape, but still holding on to high hopes and high expectations.  John Wells Stevens joins me to break down the upcoming Cougar season.  Bubba Brown, Daily Utah Chronicle sports writer, breaks down the upcoming University of Utah season, and R.J. Rice, former University of Utah almost All-American safety, breaks down the ups, downs, and in-betweens of fall camp.