Geoff Ogilvy and Robert Allenby Fight

When I was at the Masters last year I had a close encounter with Robert Allenby that I will never forget.  I’m right behind the green on #18, and Allenby flies one almost right into my lap.  He’s a good ten yards over the green, right below the TV tower.  I’m sitting on the ropes, so I literally could reach out and touch him during his shot.  The second he gets up to where I’m sitting, he starts going wild on his caddy about how he had misjudged his distance multiple times throughout the day.  Understand that there are hundreds of people around there and he isn’t trying to keep the conversation private by any means.  He then stepped up to the ball and hit it somewhere onto the green and then continued to undress his caddy in front of everyone.

Now a story out of Australia that right after the Presidents Cup was completed, Allenby got tired of hearing how poorly he played (the only player on both teams to not win one single point, 0-4) so he fired off on his teammates.

Courtesy of Bob Harig, -

Allenby said Retief Goosen had missed several makeable birdie putts after “I hit it inside 10 feet a few times” in Thursday’s foursomes (alternate shot). He said Y.E. Yang had left him playing alone too many times in the closing nine of Friday’s fourball matches. And he said that Ogilvy had “hit me in the tree three times off the tee and I had to chip out three times” in Saturday’s foursomes.

“Everyone’s making me look like I’m playing like s— and then it starts wearing on your mind a little bit, maybe you are,” Allenby said. “It’s quite draining … there was a lot of pressure on me to hit the shots and also make the putts and it was windy and it was tough conditions.

“It was a combination of a lot of things. People look and say how disappointing can you be, because you didn’t get a point, but when you’re relying on someone else as well, it’s sometimes not all just you, it can be other people hitting you in the s— ...

“Sunday was just a wipe out. [David] Toms hit every fairway [in a 7-and-5 victory over Allenby], every green and made six or seven putts.

“He probably would have beaten everyone on our team on that day — he played awesome. But there’s probably guys in their team that I could have played and probably would have beaten. It’s pot luck at times. I hit a lot of good shots before that Sunday, and just got nothing out of it, so I probably lost a little confidence from that.

“But that’s golf. It wasn’t as if I wasn’t trying, but I wasn’t overtrying either, just trying to go out there and play my game. But I’m not hitting the ball that bad, not playing that bad. I made some good ones when I needed to keep the matches going.”

Geoff Ogilvy didn’t take too kindly to Allenby’s remarks, so the two went at it Sunday night in Coolum at the resort used for the Australian PGA.  Allenby invited Ogilvy to “step outside and settle it.”  One glass was broken in the scuffle, but supposedly no punches were thrown…or maybe punches were thrown but none were landed (a la Mourning vs. LJ – – thank you Jeff Van Gundy for one of the finest moments in sports history)???


Will the Texans Call On Brett Favre?

The Texans are one of the hottest teams in the league, 8-3, with a two game lead over division rival Tennessee.  They’ve won five straight and have the second largest point differential in the league, behind only the 11-0 Green Bay Packers (Packers – +155, Texans – +114).  Arian Foster is running almost as well as he did last year, and their defense continues to be dominant after the loss of Mario Williams.  So do they honestly need a quarterback?  Franchise QB, Matt Schaub is out for the year, and so is backup Matt Leinart after he broke his left collarbone in the first half of yesterday’s victory.  Rookie from North Carolina, T.J. Yates is penciled in as the starter with former Jets backup, Kellen Clemens, as the only other signed QB on the roster.  Rumor has it that the Texans plan to contact former Chiefs QB, Brodie Croyle, as a possible signing this week.  Let’s call a spade a spade here…those are three bad to mediocre QBs (Clemens probably being the best of the bunch).  Is this a playoff team?  Absolutely.  Can they win a game with any of those QBs?  Probably not.  Are they Super Bowl contenders with any of those QBs?  Definitely not.  Would this team be better if Brett Favre was playing QB instead of these three?  (nodding my head emphatically)  When Peter King of Sports Illustrated asked Texans GM, Rick Smith, if he would call on Favre, Smith responded that he “didn’t want to bring the circus to town.”  But when Gark Kubiak was asked the same question, he responded that he wouldn’t close the door on anyone.  We all know Favre is old and washed up, but he makes for some great TV.  He could certainly muster up a couple of big games by year end.  I say do it….even if it is just for us to follow another phenomenal storyline.  It would certainly make us pay more attention to the Texans than the Cowboys…don’t pretend like the Texans ownership wouldn’t love that.


The NBA Lockout is Over! (well…almost)

We all woke up yesterday morning to the phenomenal news that the NBA Lockout was soon to be over.  The owners and players have agreed to a new 10-year deal in principle.  The deal still needs to be ratified by both sides, and some other secondary issues still need to be decided upon (i.e. drug testing, minimum age to enter draft, etc).  Throughout the day I was following the fan response on Facebook and Twitter and was shocked to see the animosity that so many had for the NBA.  “I don’t care if the Lockout is over.  All the players are overpaid anyway.  It’s going to take a long time for them to get me back watching games.”  (Note: The idea that players are overpaid is absurd.  The market sets their value based off of what you and I are willing to pay to watch their games either on TV or in the stadium.  As long as we keep showing up and paying what we do…the players will continue to make the same amount.  I believe the phrase is, “don’t hate the player, hate the game.”)  Do you remember this kind of angst towards the NFL players when the Lockout was finally ended?  I don’t, and I frankly don’t understand why people are so upset at the NBA for this.  Sure, the Lockout lasted a few weeks longer, and the debate was a bit more contentious, but was it really that much different?  I would have loved it if they would have wrapped it up sooner, but let’s be honest, none of us were going to start watching until Christmas anyway….

Urban Meyer, the Businessman

Urban Meyer is going to be the head coach at THE Ohio State University next season (and seriously, Ohio State, drop the “THE”…everyone thinks you’re arrogant pricks because of it…somebody needed to tell you…).  Why is it that Urban Meyer always does this dance?  He goes to a school and everyone falls in love with him.  The dude is a ridiculously good football coach, and has a contagious, vibrant, charismatic personality that we all can’t resist.  Then he makes the fans of said school feel like he is loyal to the death (I think Utah and Florida come to mind), and then he leaves for something better. Having said all this, I don’t fault the man at all for using Utah as a stepping stool (the dude built Utah football to what it is today, quadrupled his salary, coached the most transcendent college fb athlete of this generation, and won two national titles), and I believe that he couldn’t maintain expectations at Florida any longer after two National Championships in his first five seasons leaving him with nothing left to prove.

Now, we could argue all day if Florida or Ohio State is the better coaching job, but let’s instead focus on the following: as amazing as Florida is, Ohio State spends and makes the most money of any football program/athletic department and plays in an “easier” conference than Florida.  Translation: Urban Meyer just got to take a year off from coaching, leaving Florida beloved and heralded, and believed to be one of the best college football coaches of all time, and now he gets to coach an even more storied program, with more money and resources, an easier road to the National Championship….oh…..and…..they’re going to pay him $40M over 7 years ($5.714M per year for you math majors out there, more than any coach in the business).  Urban Meyer is a businessman, and his business is positioning himself to be in the best and most lucrative place in all of college football.  I hate him and I love him for it.


Urban Meyer at Ohio State and Trent Richardson Winning the Heisman

First time participant, long time listener, Michael Rice joins the program to discuss the Heisman race, the BCS Championship picture, Urban Meyer, and the Pac 12 South Division.  Make sure to stay hydrated during the show, and know you can hit pause if you need to take a bathroom break.

If LSU Wins the National Championship, They May be the Greatest Team in College FB History

New BCS Standings:

1- LSU – 1.000 (Previous Rank – 1) (Remaining Schedule- Arkansas, SEC Championship*)
2- Alabama – .9491 (3) (@Auburn, SEC Championship*)
3- Arkansas – .8985 (6) (@LSU, SEC Championship*)
4- Oklahoma State – .8408 (2) (Oklahoma)
5- Virginia Tech – .7842 (8) (@Virginia, ACC Championship*)
6- Stanford – .7711 (9) (Notre Dame, *Pac 12 Championship)
7- Boise State – .6881 (10) (Wyoming, New Mexico)
8- Houston – .6684 (11) (@Tulsa)
(* game still TBD)

Three teams that were in last week’s top 5 dropped games that they were favored to win (Oklahoma State lost to Iowa State in OT, Oregon lost to USC after missing a 40 yard field goal to send the game to overtime, and Oklahoma lost by a touchdown to Baylor).  All three teams with a great chance to make it in the title game…now, Oklahoma State probably is the only team remaining that can still get in.  We look destined to have an LSU v. Alabama rematch, but LSU still has to play #3 Arkansas and then a super hot Georgia team in the SEC Championship (if Arkansas beats LSU this Saturday….please consult this incredibly simple explanation of SEC title game tie-breakers…  If they win out during the regular season, they will most likely face Alabama in the BCS title game (however, Bama plays at Auburn for their final game of the year….although Auburn isn’t remotely impressive right now, absolutely anything can happen in that game…including the poisoning of historical trees as referenced in a previous post….is Alabama actually in the same time continuum as the rest of us?).  LSU’s path to winning the title this year is insane.  They will have defeated 9 ranked opponents, four of which will have been ranked #2 or #3 when they faced them (  That’s buck wild.  We should all probably offer some gratitude to the college football gods for what they have given us this season.

Charl Schwartzel’s Mustache and the Return of Eldrick Woods

The United States led the Presidents Cup from start to finish, winning 19-15.  The U.S., in nine appearances, now has a 7-1-1 record against the International team.  The hideous/amazing mustaches of Geoff Ogilvy and Charl Schwartzel (who didn’t bust out his stache until the weekend…had to have been inspired by Ogilvy…or he just thought the stache was somehow going to land him one of the Australian women in the crowd) just couldn’t generate enough mojo to push them over the top.

Regardless of the win however, Tiger Woods is still the big news.  He finished with a deceptive 2-3 record after winning the deciding match against Aaron Baddeley (who I for some reason generated some bitterness towards during the last four days…I think it had something to do with his continuously unkempt appearance…I digress…)  Tiger’s ball-striking was about as good as we’ve seen in years.  He struggled on the greens through his first few rounds and somehow was paired with guys that played the worst golf of the day each time they played with Tiger (Stricker in his first competitive round in months, and Dustin Johnson that just never got it going), but it was clear that his game is back.  He hit 17 or 18 greens on Saturday, and looked like he couldn’t miss a green, fairway, or a putt on Sunday.  I’ve never hidden my opinions about Tiger, and I won’t today….the dude will absolutely dominate the sport of golf again, and as long as he stays healthy, it’ll be far sooner rather than later.  Hold on one second while I purchase my tickets for the Masters….


Why Did You Do This To Me, Mike Gundy?

#2 Oklahoma State lost a stunner tonight to a mediocre Iowa State team, greatly affecting the BCS Championship picture.  I got some crap after I picked an LSU-Bama rematch for the title game in last week’s podcast.  As of right now, Bama is 3rd in the BCS Standings and will obviously pass up OK State if they can handle Georgia Southern tomorrow (to play Auburn the next week….although Alabama should win that game handily, you just never know in that game.  Maybe a fanatical old man will destroy a famous landmark at Auburn because he cares more about Alabama football than human beings…oh wait…that already happened).  The question remains, can Oregon jump Bama even though they both only have one loss and each of those losses came to the same team (LSU)?  Can Oklahoma get back into the mix if they beat Oklahoma State in a few weeks?  Oregon’s showdown with USC tomorrow just got a whole lot bigger.  Prediction: Oregon wins by three or more touchdowns, or USC wins a close game.

Holy Tim Tebow

I take back everything I said about the Jets making the playoffs in yesterday’s podcast.  Say what you will about Tim Tebow (and seriously, did he throw the ball this poorly in college?  Why does it look like he has regressed?) the dude figures out ways to win games.  Broncos are 4-1 since he took over as the starter.  With the AFC West in the situation that it is (Raiders 5-4, Broncos 5-5, Chargers 4-5, Kansas City 4-5) why can’t this team make the playoffs?Image:

I Want to Watch Tom Brady in the Super Bowl…There, I Said It

Goodness gracious the NFL is having a great year.  I feel like I can’t take my eyes off of a game even when the Jags, Chiefs, or Seahawks are involved.  Anthony Dinwoodey Morris brings his unmatched expertise to discuss the NFL playoff picture, pick our favorite teams for the Super Bowl, and to discuss the tragic current state of the National Basketball Association.

The Packers…and Everybody Else

As I sat down to think through who the five best teams in the NFL are today, the #1 team was super easy to decide upon.  After that…not quite as clear…

1- Green Bay Packers (9-0) – This offense is filthy. The defense is good enough to make plays when plays need to be made. Their schedule down the stretch isn’t anything crazy (Tampa Bay, @Detroit, @NYG, Raiders, @Chiefs, Chicago, Detroit). They’ll handle TB and Detroit on the road, but at the Giants and the home game against the Bears are going to be tough. No question this is our Super Bowl favorite.  And thank you for the thumbs up fist pound.  Very refreshing.
2- San Francisco 49ers (8-1) – An overtime loss against a good team away from being undefeated. Each week shows that they’re more of a complete team than we all expected. They came out this last week against the Giants planning to throw the ball, basically just to put a middle finger out there so everyone knows that they can do more than run Frank Gore 35 times per game. This team could beat the Packers in a cold game at Green Bay in the playoffs. Tough games against Baltimore and Pittsburgh remain, but they also get Arizona and St. Louis twice by season end.  Expect a first round bye.
3- New Orleans Saints (7-3) – Let’s just pretend like the loss to the Rams didn’t happen. Other than that disaster, the Saints have proven to be a legitimate Super Bowl contender. Brees looks as good as ever, and his dynamic backfield of Ingram, Sproles, and Thomas makes them even more dangerous. Sean Payton always makes me feel like he knows something that no one else does. They’ll win the NFC South.
4- New England Patriots (6-3) – Everyone made a big fuss after the Pats lost two straight (reminder – they lost on the road to a great Steelers team, and a close one to a pretty good Giants team and a surging Eli Manning…did I just say that?), and their only other loss came in dramatic fashion against the Bills when the Bills weren’t playing like they are now (at least Fitzpatrick’s beard is disgusting/awesome). Here’s the deal, the Pats have maybe the easiest schedule in football down the stretch (Chiefs, @Eagles, Colts, @Redskins, @Broncos, Dolphins, Bills) and we know this team can beat any team when the chips are on the table. This is my pick to come out of the AFC.
5- Pittsburgh Steelers (7-3) – After a 2-2 start, the Steelers have proved that they are just as good as they were last year. Impressive wins against the Bengals and the Patriots sandwiched a tough close loss to the division rival Ravens. Big Ben is proving that he can throw the ball to win them games now (How about him doing a pretty solid job in cleaning up his image?  The guy has been a saint since he made an idiot of himself.). If they get Mendenhall running the ball well, this is going to be a really tough team to beat. They’ll edge out Baltimore and Cincinnati for the AFC North crown.

On the fence – Bears (slowly starting to prove that they’re the real deal), Ravens (one week they look like they’re the best team in football, the next…they lose to the lowly Seahawks or Jags), Giants (they’ll be lucky to make the playoffs with the schedule they have left), Texans (Matt Leinart as the starting QB?)

How Old Will Mike Gundy be on January 9, 2012?

New BCS Standings:
1- LSU – .9933 (Previous Rank – 1)   6- Arkansas – .7974 (8)
2- Oklahoma State – .9642 (2)          7- Clemson – .6935 (9)
3- Alabama – .9099 (3)                     8- Virginia Tech – .6755 (10)
4- Oregon – .8755 (7)                       9- Stanford – .6747 (4)
5- Oklahoma – .8400 (6)                  10- Boise State – .5959 (5)

LSU is still the class of college football, but plenty of teams proved this week that they deserve a shot at the BCS Championship Game.  #2 Oklahoma State pulverized (66-6) the same Texas Tech team that beat #5 Oklahoma, and #4 Oregon controlled previously #4 Stanford 53-30 on Stanford’s home field. Several tough games remain for the top teams left…Oregon still has to play USC (don’t be shocked if USC figures out a way to win this game…Oregon is also on track to have to play in the Pac-12 Championship Game, most likely facing Arizona State), LSU has #6 Arkansas on November 25th (winner plays in the SEC Championship Game, most likely against a surging Georgia team), and Oklahoma and Oklahoma State square off on December 3rd.  If LSU and Oklahoma State win out, we’ll see them in the BCS title game, we know this for certain (and you know I desperately want to see Mike Gundy at age 44 winning a BCS Championship –, but several possible match-ups still exist, including an Alabama v. LSU rematch (not complaining).  Hey NBA and NBPA, we don’t miss you right now.


Tiger Woods is the Best Golfer on Planet Earth

Yeah, I said it.  I think most people weren’t factoring in his injuries as much as they should have when analyzing his last two years.  I also think that people forget how dominant he played right before “The Scandal”.  I watched every stroke of the Open as well as the Australian Open this weekend. He has steadily progressed since coming back from injury just a few months ago, and gave himself a chance to win this weekend, finishing at -11, two shots from the top.  You will continue to see steady improvement, including this next weekend during the Presidents Cup where he absolutely shined just two years ago.  If Tiger stays healthy, you’ll see that dominance return.  Don’t be shocked if that first win comes at Augusta National next April.

All Eyes on Penn State

Tomorrow at 12pm ET, Penn State University squares off against #19 Nebraska in what initially was an incredibly important Big 10 game.  The events of the last week have left some wondering if the game should even be played.  Questions swirl as we get closer and closer to kickoff…will the Penn State student body behave themselves?  How much has the whirlwind week effected the Nittany Lions players?  Will there be protests before and/or during the game?  What we do know is that Mike McQueary has now been asked to keep his distance from the program and is rumored to be in protective custody because of multiple threats to his life.  We also know that it is going to be an emotional day for so many.  Let’s hope that some may feel the healing power of sports.

Why Can I Not Stop Reading About the NBA Lockout?

I think it might be because it’s a full-on train wreck happening right before our eyes.  The two sides continue to go back and forth on topics that they seem miles apart on.  Now, supposedly the NBPA has given Derek Fisher the go-ahead to accept the 50/50 basketball related income split, but only if they can have some new concessions with the mid-level exception and other “system” issues.  I don’t know if the players aren’t paying attention or what, but rumor has it that as many as 13 owners are willing to cancel the full season today to make sure they get the best deal.  I doubt that almost 50% of the players are willing to take a similar stance to get what they want out of this deal.  Billionaires beat millionaires 100 times out of 100.  I think the owners have put out the best possible deal for the players at this point.  If I’m Derek Fisher, I’m pushing the NBPA to take this thing and run….immediately.