Paterno Out at Penn State

It’s the right thing to do, plain and simple.  This has been a week filled with stories, commentary, and opinions from people all over the country about what should happen at Penn State.  The more I hear, the more disgusted I am.  Paterno and other Penn State officials had numerous opportunities to right this situation and get the authorities involved.  Sandusky was first investigated in 1998, and Penn State allowed him to remain a part of their campus.  McQueary saw the most heinous of acts in 2002 in their own locker room, and they still allowed Sandusky to remain a part of their campus.  Even after they all testified to a grand jury almost a year ago there are still several reports that Sandusky has been on campus as recent as last week using the Penn State athletic facilities.  Because of this, more young boys were harmed and scarred for the rest of their lives.  Relieving Joe Paterno of his football duties may have been a “quick fix” to the problem, but it needed to happen to begin the healing process for the entire Penn State community.  The new school president and new head football coach are both going to need to be special people to clean up this mess and return a good name to Penn State University.

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