Why Did You Do This To Me, Mike Gundy?

#2 Oklahoma State lost a stunner tonight to a mediocre Iowa State team, greatly affecting the BCS Championship picture.  I got some crap after I picked an LSU-Bama rematch for the title game in last week’s podcast.  As of right now, Bama is 3rd in the BCS Standings and will obviously pass up OK State if they can handle Georgia Southern tomorrow (to play Auburn the next week….although Alabama should win that game handily, you just never know in that game.  Maybe a fanatical old man will destroy a famous landmark at Auburn because he cares more about Alabama football than human beings…oh wait…that already happened).  The question remains, can Oregon jump Bama even though they both only have one loss and each of those losses came to the same team (LSU)?  Can Oklahoma get back into the mix if they beat Oklahoma State in a few weeks?  Oregon’s showdown with USC tomorrow just got a whole lot bigger.  Prediction: Oregon wins by three or more touchdowns, or USC wins a close game.

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