Urban Meyer, the Businessman

Urban Meyer is going to be the head coach at THE Ohio State University next season (and seriously, Ohio State, drop the “THE”…everyone thinks you’re arrogant pricks because of it…somebody needed to tell you…).  Why is it that Urban Meyer always does this dance?  He goes to a school and everyone falls in love with him.  The dude is a ridiculously good football coach, and has a contagious, vibrant, charismatic personality that we all can’t resist.  Then he makes the fans of said school feel like he is loyal to the death (I think Utah and Florida come to mind), and then he leaves for something better. Having said all this, I don’t fault the man at all for using Utah as a stepping stool (the dude built Utah football to what it is today, quadrupled his salary, coached the most transcendent college fb athlete of this generation, and won two national titles), and I believe that he couldn’t maintain expectations at Florida any longer after two National Championships in his first five seasons leaving him with nothing left to prove.

Now, we could argue all day if Florida or Ohio State is the better coaching job, but let’s instead focus on the following: as amazing as Florida is, Ohio State spends and makes the most money of any football program/athletic department and plays in an “easier” conference than Florida.  Translation: Urban Meyer just got to take a year off from coaching, leaving Florida beloved and heralded, and believed to be one of the best college football coaches of all time, and now he gets to coach an even more storied program, with more money and resources, an easier road to the National Championship….oh…..and…..they’re going to pay him $40M over 7 years ($5.714M per year for you math majors out there, more than any coach in the business).  Urban Meyer is a businessman, and his business is positioning himself to be in the best and most lucrative place in all of college football.  I hate him and I love him for it.

Image: http://www.saturdaydownsouth.com/2011/is-urban-meyer-the-answer-for-ohio-state/

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