A-Rod and Kobe Visit German Doctor

We keep hearing about some of the greatest athletes in the world visiting Germany to have various procedures done on their injured bodies.

Kobe Bryant’s two visits during the off-season to Düsseldorf molecular orthopaedist Peter Wehling to receive a procedure that uses the his own blood, which is taken usually from the arm and put into a centrifuge to separate out a certain protein. The mix with the protein is then injected into the injured joint, supposedly to enhance healing in that specific area.   Now, reports show that Alex Rodriguez has made a trip across the pond to the same doctor for the same procedure on his knee and shoulder.

I certainly have no problem with these premium athletes taking care of their bodies and going out of their way to find the best possible care so they can perform at their highest levels.  Having said that, I have two questions….1) Why is it that only non-US doctors seem to be performing this procedure (Canadian, Anthony Galea being the other)?  2)  And didn’t the last doctor (Anthony Galea) that became famous for performing the same procedure on pro athletes (Tiger Woods…and…oh, A-Rod…) plead guilty for myriad federal offenses recently?

I am by no means saying that Dr. Wehling is doing anything that is illegal, but the situation smells funny.  Watch this closely…let’s hope this isn’t the next BALCO or Galea scandal.

Image: http://bossip.com/436074/party-time-apparently-alex-rodriguez-likes-coked-out-celebrity-poker-parties39204/

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