Les Miles and Nick Saban At It Again

Before this last weekend I was absolutely convinced that Alabama and LSU were the two best teams in college football.  That opinion actually hasn’t changed, but after watching Oklahoma State put a monster beat-down on preseason favorite, Oklahoma, I changed my mind about who should play in the title game.  Listen, you can explain and analyze the Alabama position and the Oklahoma State position, and both can make you think that each team can and should deserve a shot at the BCS Championship.  In the end, Alabama had their shot against LSU and dropped that close game at home.  Oklahoma State lost a close game on the road after one of the most tragic incidents in sports history that had to have affected them.  Mike Gundy and Oklahoma State deserve a shot against LSU.  Give me a playoff.

Image: http://sports.fieend.com/college-football-pick-six-week-10-crash-recovery/2

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