Coach Shuffling, Championship Rematch, and a Quest for Perfection

John Wells Stevens lends his soothing voice to the program to discuss the glorious return of the NBA, the Packers quest to perfection, and the thrilling close to the college football season….and some brief commentary on the Robert Allenby v. Geoff Ogilvy upcoming cage match at Wrestle Mania.

Geoff Ogilvy and Robert Allenby Fight

When I was at the Masters last year I had a close encounter with Robert Allenby that I will never forget.  I’m right behind the green on #18, and Allenby flies one almost right into my lap.  He’s a good ten yards over the green, right below the TV tower.  I’m sitting on the ropes, so I literally could reach out and touch him during his shot.  The second he gets up to where I’m sitting, he starts going wild on his caddy about how he had misjudged his distance multiple times throughout the day.  Understand that there are hundreds of people around there and he isn’t trying to keep the conversation private by any means.  He then stepped up to the ball and hit it somewhere onto the green and then continued to undress his caddy in front of everyone.

Now a story out of Australia that right after the Presidents Cup was completed, Allenby got tired of hearing how poorly he played (the only player on both teams to not win one single point, 0-4) so he fired off on his teammates.

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Allenby said Retief Goosen had missed several makeable birdie putts after “I hit it inside 10 feet a few times” in Thursday’s foursomes (alternate shot). He said Y.E. Yang had left him playing alone too many times in the closing nine of Friday’s fourball matches. And he said that Ogilvy had “hit me in the tree three times off the tee and I had to chip out three times” in Saturday’s foursomes.

“Everyone’s making me look like I’m playing like s— and then it starts wearing on your mind a little bit, maybe you are,” Allenby said. “It’s quite draining … there was a lot of pressure on me to hit the shots and also make the putts and it was windy and it was tough conditions.

“It was a combination of a lot of things. People look and say how disappointing can you be, because you didn’t get a point, but when you’re relying on someone else as well, it’s sometimes not all just you, it can be other people hitting you in the s— ...

“Sunday was just a wipe out. [David] Toms hit every fairway [in a 7-and-5 victory over Allenby], every green and made six or seven putts.

“He probably would have beaten everyone on our team on that day — he played awesome. But there’s probably guys in their team that I could have played and probably would have beaten. It’s pot luck at times. I hit a lot of good shots before that Sunday, and just got nothing out of it, so I probably lost a little confidence from that.

“But that’s golf. It wasn’t as if I wasn’t trying, but I wasn’t overtrying either, just trying to go out there and play my game. But I’m not hitting the ball that bad, not playing that bad. I made some good ones when I needed to keep the matches going.”

Geoff Ogilvy didn’t take too kindly to Allenby’s remarks, so the two went at it Sunday night in Coolum at the resort used for the Australian PGA.  Allenby invited Ogilvy to “step outside and settle it.”  One glass was broken in the scuffle, but supposedly no punches were thrown…or maybe punches were thrown but none were landed (a la Mourning vs. LJ – – thank you Jeff Van Gundy for one of the finest moments in sports history)???