Les Miles and Nick Saban At It Again

Before this last weekend I was absolutely convinced that Alabama and LSU were the two best teams in college football.  That opinion actually hasn’t changed, but after watching Oklahoma State put a monster beat-down on preseason favorite, Oklahoma, I changed my mind about who should play in the title game.  Listen, you can explain and analyze the Alabama position and the Oklahoma State position, and both can make you think that each team can and should deserve a shot at the BCS Championship.  In the end, Alabama had their shot against LSU and dropped that close game at home.  Oklahoma State lost a close game on the road after one of the most tragic incidents in sports history that had to have affected them.  Mike Gundy and Oklahoma State deserve a shot against LSU.  Give me a playoff.

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Urban Meyer at Ohio State and Trent Richardson Winning the Heisman

First time participant, long time listener, Michael Rice joins the program to discuss the Heisman race, the BCS Championship picture, Urban Meyer, and the Pac 12 South Division.  Make sure to stay hydrated during the show, and know you can hit pause if you need to take a bathroom break.

If LSU Wins the National Championship, They May be the Greatest Team in College FB History

New BCS Standings:

1- LSU – 1.000 (Previous Rank – 1) (Remaining Schedule- Arkansas, SEC Championship*)
2- Alabama – .9491 (3) (@Auburn, SEC Championship*)
3- Arkansas – .8985 (6) (@LSU, SEC Championship*)
4- Oklahoma State – .8408 (2) (Oklahoma)
5- Virginia Tech – .7842 (8) (@Virginia, ACC Championship*)
6- Stanford – .7711 (9) (Notre Dame, *Pac 12 Championship)
7- Boise State – .6881 (10) (Wyoming, New Mexico)
8- Houston – .6684 (11) (@Tulsa)
(* game still TBD)

Three teams that were in last week’s top 5 dropped games that they were favored to win (Oklahoma State lost to Iowa State in OT, Oregon lost to USC after missing a 40 yard field goal to send the game to overtime, and Oklahoma lost by a touchdown to Baylor).  All three teams with a great chance to make it in the title game…now, Oklahoma State probably is the only team remaining that can still get in.  We look destined to have an LSU v. Alabama rematch, but LSU still has to play #3 Arkansas and then a super hot Georgia team in the SEC Championship (if Arkansas beats LSU this Saturday….please consult this incredibly simple explanation of SEC title game tie-breakers…http://sec.xosdigitallabs.com/NEWS/tabid/473/Article/134195/sec-divisional-tie-breaker.aspx).  If they win out during the regular season, they will most likely face Alabama in the BCS title game (however, Bama plays at Auburn for their final game of the year….although Auburn isn’t remotely impressive right now, absolutely anything can happen in that game…including the poisoning of historical trees as referenced in a previous post….is Alabama actually in the same time continuum as the rest of us?).  LSU’s path to winning the title this year is insane.  They will have defeated 9 ranked opponents, four of which will have been ranked #2 or #3 when they faced them (http://espn.go.com/college-football/team/_/id/99/lsu-tigers).  That’s buck wild.  We should all probably offer some gratitude to the college football gods for what they have given us this season.

Why Did You Do This To Me, Mike Gundy?

#2 Oklahoma State lost a stunner tonight to a mediocre Iowa State team, greatly affecting the BCS Championship picture.  I got some crap after I picked an LSU-Bama rematch for the title game in last week’s podcast.  As of right now, Bama is 3rd in the BCS Standings and will obviously pass up OK State if they can handle Georgia Southern tomorrow (to play Auburn the next week….although Alabama should win that game handily, you just never know in that game.  Maybe a fanatical old man will destroy a famous landmark at Auburn because he cares more about Alabama football than human beings…oh wait…that already happened).  The question remains, can Oregon jump Bama even though they both only have one loss and each of those losses came to the same team (LSU)?  Can Oklahoma get back into the mix if they beat Oklahoma State in a few weeks?  Oregon’s showdown with USC tomorrow just got a whole lot bigger.  Prediction: Oregon wins by three or more touchdowns, or USC wins a close game.

How Old Will Mike Gundy be on January 9, 2012?

New BCS Standings:
1- LSU – .9933 (Previous Rank – 1)   6- Arkansas – .7974 (8)
2- Oklahoma State – .9642 (2)          7- Clemson – .6935 (9)
3- Alabama – .9099 (3)                     8- Virginia Tech – .6755 (10)
4- Oregon – .8755 (7)                       9- Stanford – .6747 (4)
5- Oklahoma – .8400 (6)                  10- Boise State – .5959 (5)

LSU is still the class of college football, but plenty of teams proved this week that they deserve a shot at the BCS Championship Game.  #2 Oklahoma State pulverized (66-6) the same Texas Tech team that beat #5 Oklahoma, and #4 Oregon controlled previously #4 Stanford 53-30 on Stanford’s home field. Several tough games remain for the top teams left…Oregon still has to play USC (don’t be shocked if USC figures out a way to win this game…Oregon is also on track to have to play in the Pac-12 Championship Game, most likely facing Arizona State), LSU has #6 Arkansas on November 25th (winner plays in the SEC Championship Game, most likely against a surging Georgia team), and Oklahoma and Oklahoma State square off on December 3rd.  If LSU and Oklahoma State win out, we’ll see them in the BCS title game, we know this for certain (and you know I desperately want to see Mike Gundy at age 44 winning a BCS Championship – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aoMmbUmKN0E), but several possible match-ups still exist, including an Alabama v. LSU rematch (not complaining).  Hey NBA and NBPA, we don’t miss you right now.

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LSU v. Alabama National Chamionship Rematch?

LSU v. Oklahoma State?  LSU v. Stanford?  LSU v. Oregon? LSU v. Alabama?  Oklahoma State v. Oregon?  Stanford v. Oklahoma?  The BCS Championship picture is far from being clear right now with at least eight teams still with a very plausible shot to play for the title.  Doug Christison and Mikey Gatrell join me to breakdown all of the BCS Championship scenarios as well as their picks for this upcoming Saturday.

The Graham Anderson Show 11.2.11 Part Deux

The college football landscape is about as good as it has ever been.  LSU v. Alabama (seriously, if you were being recruited by these two schools….would you honestly pick to play for Saban over Les Miles?) with dozens of possible variations for the National Championship soon to be decided by the likes of Oklahoma State, Stanford, Oregon, and maybe Boise State (fat chance).

The NFL has somehow found a way to match the excitement of college football and is making me not miss my beloved NBA (did you hear that David Stern?!?!  I don’t need you!!!).  I give my predictions for each division champion, wild card teams, and I absolutely pay homage to maybe the most unbelievable athlete body in the history of human athletes….Terrell Owens.